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gustav greyling strategy deutsche welle courseI am also an experienced media strategist using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research products in practical ways to enhance the consumer's experience and grow audience ratings as a direct consequence. 

gustav greyling strategy listener universesI design tailor-made strategic market studies and use a range of traditional and online music research tools.

Most importantly I have the talent to take one look at a complicated set of research findings or audience measurement surveys and immediately see challenges and offer solutions.

My media strategy skills were honed during countless strategic sessions with respected international radio consultants such as Phil Dowse (Phil Dowse Media, AbsoluteDowse) and Kevin Cassidy (Strategic Radio Solutions) as well as an excellent radio management course in Bonn and Berlin, Germany - put together by Jochen Walter, senior consultant of team concepts and methods at the Deutsche Welle Academy's department of Strategy and Consulting Services.

My research projects for Jacaranda FM, and its subsequent implementation, have helped to propel the station’s target audience market share from an ‘underdog’ third position to some of its highest levels in 25 years.



Over the years he grew into a Selector expert, a music director and media executive of real quality. Gus certainly understands what it takes to win in this new digital world. He gets strategy, is focused, can project manage and can deliver on tasks.


Global radio consultant
Adelaide, Australia

He had an ability to see the big pictures and was helpful in determining actions that would positively impact a brand strategy. He understands the long-term implementation of a strategy and demonstrated ability to stay on track.


Strategic Radio Solutions president
Seattle, Washington, USA

I am confident that his understanding and grasp of the consumer research environment was essential to the success that we witnessed over my 5 years as CEO. Jacaranda FM had actively targeted a female audience and Gustav was vital to this tactical plan due to his understanding of the audience segment in our broadcast footprint. This coupled with his understanding of interpreting audience ratings, supported my efforts in providing our Board of Directors with the confidence that the business was on solid ground.


Former Jacaranda FM CEO
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

What I’ve learned from him is the ability to translate research results into actionable business insights that ultimately enables management to improve the Jacaranda FM offering and grow audiences. Gustav has always been the voice of reason, especially when we’ve dealt with international radio experts or consultants who sometimes made the mistake of thinking ‘one size fits all’ without understanding the complexity of the local heterogonous market.


Ask Afrika client service director
Pretoria, South Africa