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gustav greyling radio music officeI am also a music radio programmer and specialise in the building of broadcast format clocks that create 'mood changing' daily programme schedules.

I consult for radio stations which need assistance with clocks in order to make them win the audience ratings game. I also assist with creating music categories, determining the 'sweet spot' of song rotation and building a scheduling system back-end that will make the most of every day's listening experience.

gustav greyling radio zetta musiclogI use world-leading RCS software such as the powerful multi-station scheduler GSelector and its advanced digital radio automation system Zetta. I also have many years of experience on the older Selector/MasterControl combination, and cut my music programming teeth on an original DOS-based Selector.

In 2012 I completed a 10 year stint at SA’s largest private radio station, Jacaranda FM, as Music and Scheduling Manager.

gustav greyling radio jacaranda wallDuring this time I actioned the transformation of a once soft adult contemporary oldies format (“Your soothing companion”) into a mainstream competitive ‘Hot AC’ station playing the best mix of the 80s, 90s and now.

This succeeded in attracting diverse multi-cultural mass audiences across vast geographic regions while simultaneously super-serving a highly sought-after ‘culturally viable’ target market through a playlist infused with wow moments.

gustav greyling radio studio wideAs a result, the radio station achieved its best target audience ratings in years, and gave the dominant market leader a run for its money in key demographics.

I have also been a radio presenter and producer in music and news formats, working on big regional brands in South Africa such as Jacaranda FM and OFM, as well as Namibia’s Kosmos 94.1 when it was still a start-up venture.


His attention to detail when building the station’s music architecture in relation to clocks, music categories, coding of music, integrating promo schedules, station imaging and the commercial log I have never come across in my twenty some years in dealing with Selector, Linker and associated proprietary software. Gustav has the innate ability to look at complex operational and research problems and understand and offer solutions to them in a very short space of time… In the short time I worked with Gustav he impressed me with his insight and skills and I would rate him as the best music manager in the country.


Kaya FM head of programming & content and former Jacaranda FM programming manager
Johannesburg, Gauteng

One of the very few users who fills me with delight is Gustav Greyling. He ‘gets it’! He digs ever deeper into our products, challenging both the product and our own knowledge of its capabilities… He has the ability to remain calm whatever the circumstances and hysteria surrounding him. In short, he is a ‘guru user’ of RCS products. I welcome this opportunity to suggest that Gustav would be ideally suited to any broadcasting position anywhere in the world.


RCS Sound Software vice president for Africa
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Gustav is that rare beast, a programmer with one eye on the station format and the other on the commercial opportunities that a station will no doubt present to any potential advertisers or sponsors.

Together, we worked closely in terms of imaging the station, whether it was for any of the stations’ music campaigns, themed weekends or any of the events the station became known for. Furthermore, together we put together and implemented a station campaign called Double Up that would later go on to win the prestigious Radio Award for Best Station Promotion at the South African Radio Awards. To say Greyling had an eye (or ear) for detail would do no justice to what he is capable of.

MediaMark's Lab42
Creative Manager
Sandton, Gauteng