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gselector zettaAs broadcast consultant I am really good at building clocks. Usually in the Selector family of software, but not limited to it.

I understand exactly how to get to the nitty gritty details contained in the clocks. I do literally the whole chain - from designing focused consumer research to analysing the results rather astutely and then formulating a winning content strategy which ends up on air and boosting ratings. I have often had to translate people's dreamy visions into real hard nuts and bolts in the backend of Selector or GSelector. With big success. I have learnt to work really well with people on programming and sales teams and have often had to make their ideas or promotions sound better than what they have imagined.

I am naturally forward-thinking and do not dwell on the past. In media yesterday doesn't matter. However I do believe a good grasp of history is necessary when dealing with heritage brands and their baggage. I have lots of experience in changing bad old perceptions. Mostly through solid and consistent programming as opposed to fuzzy campaigns.

My honest attitude in this media business is that I am here to serve the consumer - by changing their mood and making them feel good. I like it when they're happy. And that's also when the money rolls in.

Beyond programming and strategy I am a very experienced media content producer and journalist.

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